Our studio is located in Sant Andreu, Barcelona. I highly recommend you visit our studio and to also have the opportunity to go for a walk around the beautiful streets of Sant Andreu neighbourhood. Here you will see our albums and presentations for our photographs. Our studio is 100m2 and you have all the comforts so you can feel like at home. We also have different kind of props like baskets, wraps and clothes. We also like to work with music and my assistant will help you out with your kids and newborn babies to get natural and emotional photographs.

I like to work at the studio but I also do outside photo sessions. I graduated in photography and digital imaging at CITM centre (Terrassa) in 2006. So I know the advantages of working at the studio or outside. I learnt to control the light to create the perfect atmosphere. Working at the studio allows me to create photographs at any time and I think this is interesting for my clients. I work with bounced flash so it doesn’t hurt or disturb your kid. And the space is enough big for your kids to move around freely.

I enjoy doing outside photo sessions or lifestyle photo sessions a lot. This kind of photography allows me to get closer to people and make the most of the intimate moments they’re sharing with their family or friends. I think people feel more free and lively when they’re with the people they love and in the place that helps them to feel happier.