There are people in your life that you could never stop looking at and there are such intense moments that you wouldn’t want to let them go… Maternity is like this, when you have your baby you would love to make this moment timeless.
I recommend doing a newborn photo session at home or at our studio. I think it’s a very intimate photo session and you should feel at ease and comfortable.
When parents bring their newborn babies of just a few days old into our studio we like creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.
We hold newborn photo sessions in the morning or in the afternoon. We need the baby to be calm and sometimes it takes time. My assistant places the baby in different positions for the photo so we can achieve those cute precious images of their tiny hands, the wrinkles on their belly and their little feet. My assistant also helps parents to hold the baby.
At our studio we’ve got a changing area so you can bring different clothes and then I can help you to choose the best one for the photo. You can click this link to know more about our studio.
I use very few props for newborn photo sessions. I prefer to look for a more timeless and emotional photo. Sometimes I do dress up the babies in an original way because they look even more adorable. I do pared down images because I believe beauty is in the details.
Get in touch with us to find out more about our follow-up photo sessions of pregnancy and newborn. And their First Year Old.