Youth and Communion Photography

We’re kids! So our photo sessions are great fun. Communion is one of the first unforgettable experiences that children have… Girls become emotional over the dress they are going to wear, it can be either long, short or a suit but SPECIAL for the big day…and boys will wear smart shoes for the first time! It’s a unique moment in their life and for us is very moving too. We’re happy to be part of this event and to be able to give you, through photography, images of your children as they are and as they receive their Communion.
We do outdoors and studio Communion photo sessions. I recommend you do the photo session a month before the Communion if you want to have the pictures ready to show the family or as a special gift for them.
It would be a pleasure to meet you at our studio so we can get know each other and I can show you our presentations and exclusive albums. You will also see our studio and if you decide to do the photo session at the studio we have a room where you can change your children clothes before the photo session starts. We do outdoor photo sessions before or after the Communion. For this kind of photos we prepare everything before the photo session so we’re able to choose the perfect place with the perfect light to get wonderful images of your children.
We want your children have an unforgettable and beautiful experience with us. That’s why we also talk with them and make jokes so they can feel calm and enjoy the photo session.