Laura Espadalé

I am a photographer because I am fascinated and passionate about 

spreading all the emotions that we feel in every moment

 of our lives with my images.

With my work what I pretend is to make you feel EMOTION.

My goal is to create timeless images, without excesses, always looking 

for the beauty of the person in its most natural and pure state.

I care a lot about aesthetics, that’s why I take care of 

every detail in all my photographs.

I would love to meet you, write me here!

My inspiration for making photographs is to look at everything that surrounds me. I photograph what moves me.

 I like to meet up with my closest friends and see the way they look each other, see them cuddling their children, to see the children running and jumping around free and happy.

 My inspiration is nature, mountains, sea, and animals. I realise how tiny we are and it’s important to respect and enjoy what helps us to breath and be alive. I’m also inspired by honest, true people who enjoy life and remain optimistic when faced with life’s struggles.

I really love cinema and music. When I have the chance to put time aside for me, you will also find me at a photography exhibition.

I enjoy getting to know new people, new cultures and venues. That’s why I’m willing to travel around the world to do a photo session. I also do destination weddings.

Taking photos of people is my field. On my website you will find kids photography, newborn photography, pregnancy photography and Communion photography. I really love to photograph the vibrant moments you experience the day of a wedding as well. We also do pre-wedding and post-wedding photo sessions. For this kind of photos, we prepare everything before the photo session so we’re able to choose the perfect place with the perfect light to get wonderful images of the couple.

I invite you to get to know me a little more through social networks and I’m grateful for your trust in our team. I’m sure we will create unforgettable experiences together.